Buy Boots That Fit Your Big Calves

In choosing the boots that would suit you, there are different things that you need to consider. The considerations that you have to take does not only ensure you that you have bought quality footwear but also the fact that you have not wasted your money on something else. The things that would ensure will come from you, the manufacturer of the footwear, and the store that sold you the boots. You have to be careful when you choose your wide calf boots.

Shop For Wide Calf Boots
The very first thing that you ought to consider when you are choosing what you should buy is the size of your legs. The shoes that you see on the display of the stores are not always the same size that you have. Those sizes are standardized based on the general population of the consumers. Unfortunately, due to individual differences, you size might not be the same with the general population. Measure your legs first. Concentrate on taking the measurement of your calves and your foot. These two are the main things that would give you a bit of a problem in looking for your exact size. Buying the boot that is appropriate for you size will give you comfort while using the footwear. That would be the very important thing to consider about the size.

The next thing that you must consider is the theme of your wardrobe. In other words, what you usually wear. Footwear is not only meant to give comfort for your feet while walking and running but is also meant to compliment the outfit that you are wearing. You will be given with many different designs on display. The usual designs being displayed are the ones that are trendy and are the fashionable. Other times the designs are outlandish and sometimes very simple. Simple means the shoes that have the least design added to it. Do not just buy extended calf boots because you find it cute and the price is affordable. Look for those that will match your wardrobe without going overboard

The last thing that you would like to consider is the maker of the boots. You don’t want to buy a boot that is low quality and would be destroyed after a couple uses. It is inevitable that even if the makers will claim that they have the best quality shoes, there will always be human error in place. Read product reviews, ask second opinions about the makers, and even try to inspect the product for yourself with your own very eyes that way you will be assured that you are not wasting your money on something that is easily destroyed.

You might see other points to consider in buying your wide shaft boots. However, if you try to categorize the things that you will read, they will boil down to these three things: your size, your wardrobe, and the maker of the boots. If you take these considerations seriously, you will not only have great experience with you newly bought footwear but also save money for future use.

Mixing and Matching Skirts or Dresses with Wide Calf Boots

Most of the things that you have are only about jeans being paired with boots. It if it is not about jeans, it would be either about leggings or about shorts. However, you don’t really have taste for those types of clothes. You are really into skirts and dresses. Another problem is that you are plus size. You need not worry anymore about mixing and matching up skirts and dresses with your plus size boots.

Mixing and matching skirts and dresses with your footwear actually has the same tip when you are mixing and matching jeans, leggings, and shorts. You must have a main theme for your get up and you have to stick with it. The theme will help you choose as to what clothes you need to wear and how you will carry yourself. Also, it will help you carry out your personality positively. If you don’t really have a central theme with what you have in your closet, try to mix and match dark and light colors. This is will actually look nice if you know how to pull it off. Just be careful though not to overdo it or to do less.

The next thing that you should consider in doing the mixing and matching is the length of your skirt or dress and the length of the boot that you will pair with it. You would not want to have a very long skirt that is already meeting the opening of your boots. You will look like a dork and that is a very heavy crime worthy to be jailed by the fashion police. If you try that out, you will look like a nun and out of fashion. As much as possible, try to give a few inch of allowance in between the hem of your skirt or dress and the opening of your extra wide calf boots.

The next question that you will surely have is if you need to wear leggings or tights or not. It is actually your preference and not a necessity. If you feel like doing it, then do it. If you don’t feel like doing it, then don’t do it. Assuming that you have decided to wear one, go back to the first tip that was cited earlier: stick with the theme. You should have tights that will easily blend in with the theme of your outfit. Try to avoid wearing something that will stand out. You can also play around with the designs and colors that you will see for your tights. However, still the same stick with your theme.

So there you have it. Some tips on how to mix to and match your skirt or dress with your boots for big calves. You don’t really need to keep yourself confined to wearing the usual shoes that you wear. You can now cover your calves and still be fashionable about it. So go back to the basics: stick with the theme, consider the length, and preference for having tights or not.